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Grupo Everest

Integral waste management company founded in 1964, committed to its stakeholders in the responsible and ecological treatment of waste.

Our commitment to the most advanced technology and the constant training of our professionals give us a ‘Know How’ leader in the sector. 

Waste management plant facilities

Planta Intercomarcal del Reciclaje (PIRSA)

Planta Intercomarcal del Reciclatge is a waste manager/valuator authorised with the number E-475.98 by the Junta de Residus del Departament de Medi Ambient de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Our machinery has the latest technology for the massive reduction of all types of waste, and we are constantly investing in its maintenance and fine-tuning.

Being able to control the whole process allows us to guarantee our clients the best final result. At Grupo Everest we accompany the client from the beginning to the end of the process, offering the best service.

This makes us the plant with the most incoming CER codes in Catalonia.

6,000 m2 of facilities

For the sorting and reduction of waste from industry and construction.

Selection tape

Sorting belt for continuous sorting of all types of waste.

1,000 m2 of workshops

The machinery inside has the latest technology for the massive reduction of waste, both industrial and construction waste.

700 m2 of office space

Infrastructure, human resources and environmental management software make us the best option to reduce your environmental impact.

800 m2 in training

We advise companies to identify the most cost-effective method for the company with the lowest environmental impact.

5,000 m2 of courtyards

Equipped with all the necessary systems to comply with EU regulations and meet accessibility standards.

Waste management company commitments

Mission and Values

At Grupo Everest we work every day to ensure that waste management is properly executed taking into account our commitment to the environment.

We promote ethical behaviour at all levels, which is why we have been ensuring the integrity of all our employees, suppliers, customers and citizens for 50 years. Four words define our values:

At Grupo Everest we not only have a commitment to our customers and suppliers, but also to all citizens, as we guarantee maximum precision in waste management to promote the preservation of the environment.

The fundamental pillars of the Grupo Everest’s policy are good governance, transparency, integrity, professionalism and human capital.

Our work is based on trust. We want anyone who comes into contact with Everest to feel comfortable, satisfied and with a close professional treatment. Our enthusiasm and experience in the sector guarantee confidence to the client and the supplier in pursuit of the best management and results.

We are constantly working to be at the forefront of technology and procedure. We are constantly training to be pioneers in all technological advances in the sector. In this way, we can guarantee that we will always be at the forefront of every service or project, as we have been doing for 50 years, constantly investing in technology that is proven to be effective anywhere in the world.

At Everest, we combine precision and efficiency to ensure excellence in every project. This is a challenge that we apply every day to each and every one of our services.

History waste management company

Beginnings in waste management

In 1964, Cristóbal González, founder of the company, bought the first Ebro lorry, model B-45, starting what would soon become a benchmark waste treatment company in the Valles Occidental region, with family values and customer service that still identify us today.