Installations and services

Installations and services


Our base consists of 1.300m2 where we can find a mechanical workshop authorized by Generalitat de Catalunya as “Self conservative” company.

We also have:

  • 4.000 m2 addressed to a garage and storage.
  • 700 m2 addressed to spare part warehouse.
  • 500 m2 of offices and headquarter.
  • 2.000m2 of outdoor patio to carry out diverse manoeuvres and storage.

We have an extensive fleet of crane trucks, with reduced dimensions, dump trucks, level luffing cranes, with carry deck and extensions, gondoles and semi-gondoles, special transportation and machinery at the service of construction and industry. Apart from a human team consisting of highly qualified professionals, from crane drivers, mechanics and handlers to technical staff in manoeuvres, studies, prevention and security.

Photography: Semi gondola trailer.


Self-propelled rough terrain cranes of the latest technology from 25Tm. To 200 Tm.

  • Rough terrain quick cranes, able to lift up to 100 meters, carry up to 200 tonnes and with a turning radio of up to 84 meters.
  • Truck mounted crane with basket.
  • Cranes with fixed basket and earth connection to work in repairing street lighting, tree felling, among other functions.
  • Cranes with mobile baskets, easy access to places that require a basket with mobility. Moreover, we also have containers of different capacities to concrete, with central or lateral unloading or with grapples to load and transport pallets or machinery in general.

Trucks and auto loader trailer cranes from 20 Tm. To 50 Tm.

  • We have a generous fleet of crane trucks with different systems of boxes for the transportation of material and machinery.
  • Dump crane trucks for transportation in bulk, with boxes of big dimensions.
  • Crane trucks with or without boom, sideless boxes of reduced dimensions to move machinery and pallets, among other services.

We have a section created specifically for our clients that need to transport large volumes or special waste loads. Deck trailer, extensible trailer, gondolas, semi gondolas and dollies:

  • Semi gondola trailer 9m bed, 3m neck and 0’90m height.
  • Gondola trailer for not rolling goods transportation.
  • Crane trailer with semi gondola.
  • Extensible deck trailer up to 36m for special transportation.
  • Deck crane trailer of 13m (2 axles)
  • Extensible deck crane trailer up to 18m (2 axles)
  • Extensible deck trailer up to 22m (3 axles)
  • Forklifts.

Special transportation.

We have a section to offer a service to our clients whenever they need to transport large volumes or special waste loads.

  • Trailer with gondola of different capacities.
  • Special vehicles and trailers to drag, rescue and tow vehicles and machinery in general.
  • Extensive deck trailer up to 36m.
  • Decks and extensible devices for the transportation of prefabs.
  • Crane trailer and semi gondola of different tonnage and sizes.
  • Earthmover deck trucks for ordinary waste.
  • Decks to transport contaminated soil.
  • Tub truck trailers.
  • Hermetic trucks from 40 to 90m2. Transportation of batches from treatment plants.
  • Level luffing crane trucks for the transportation in pallets.

Transfers, handling and assembly kit for machinery in general.

  • Transfer of workshops and factories.
  • Assembly of tower cranes.
  • Goods warehouse.
  • Large capacity containers and machinery for public work.

All our units and technicians are well equipped with radiophone connected to our headquarters.


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